Xiao xun and xiao yu dating

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Xiao xun and xiao yu dating

Members on the show include Roy Wang Yuan, Jia Nai Liang, Jin Han, Yang Chao Yue. Not sure what exactly happened to make the couple decide to finally separate, but hopefully things will be much easier for them now.

Liang Yi Chen is very loving towards her younger sister.

They promise to reunite after ten years, when the lavender seeds in the bottle would finally be in bloom.

Ten years later, Qing Chuan fulfills his promise and returns to Taiwan as the now popular singer, Leo.

The 15 year old actress and her parents stated that the company did not fully provide her with appropriate management and even withheld some of her pay from her.

The agency in turn responds that her actions is a breach of the contract.

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Yi Xun and Qing Chuan start to rekindle old feelings, until Maggie and Xiao Tong enter the picture and try to destroy their relationship, worsening Yi Xun's potentially fatal heart ailment.

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