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Louis, and went to La Pointe (afterward Galena), where he practiced his profession for ten years, when he returned to Keokuk. This claim he leased to Otis Rey- nolds and John Culver, of St. 710 710 731 732 733 734 747 748 749 749 750 760 762 762 764 764 771 77S 776 776 776 777 786 788 789 800 807 807 808 820 821 821 823 829 831 832 841 8,50 851 852 852 853 855 857 887 881 884 902 904 f^ ^♦"V -i . It is said she returned to her people, on the Upper Missouri. Muir's claim at Keokuk, subsequently em- ployed as their agent Moses Still well, who arrived with his family in 1828, and took possession. Ford), was born in 1831 at the foot of the rapids, called by the Indians Puckashetuck. His Indian wife bore to him four children — Louise, James, Mary and Sophia. Muir died suddenly of cholera, in 1832, but left his property in such a cofldition that it was soon wasted in vexatious liti- gation, and his brave and faithful wife, left friendless and penniless, became discour- aged, and, with her two younger children, disappeared. 6 7 Blaser, Nicholas 675 Conrad, George 838 Edwards, Wm. He then built a cabin, as above stated, where Keokuk is now situated, and made a, claim to some land. In 1819-'20 he was stationed at Fort Edward, now Warsaw, but the sense- less ridicule of some of his brother officers on account of his Indian wife induced him to resign his commission.

56 Second Constitutional Convention 57 Election of State Officers 67 Salaries of State Officers 58 CHAPTER VI. 102 Eighteenth Infantry 10^ Nineioe-'th Infantry 103 Twentie-li Infantry '. Infantry ICS Twenty-seventh Infantry ]u5 Twenty-eighth Infantry l OB ~ ...... 446 Anlta Times 447 Cap Sheaf 450 The Northwestern Journal 451 •Lewis Independent 464 Marae Message 455 People's Advocate 466 Sunday Morning Clipper 457 Anita Tribune 458 Griswold Advocate 461 CHAPTER XVI. PAGE THE WAR FOB THE UNION 476 Fourth Infantry 481 Twelftk, Thirteenth and Fifteenth Infantry . PTMOSA TOWNSHIP 585 Organic 665 j Jarly Settlement 656 Educational 574 Postofflce 676 Historic 576 CHAPTER XXI. EDNA TOWNSHIP Early Settlement Reno Edna Postofflce Historic— Educational . In the following year, with his brother, Lucius H., and others, having obtained the consent of the Indians, Mr. That each and every man shall hold two hundred yards square of ground by working said ground one day in six." "Article II.110 Forty-fourth Infantry llo Forty- Ufthlnfiintry... m Forty-sixth Infani ry m Forty-seventh Infantry ill Forty-eighth Infantry ill Fir-t Cavali-y Ill Second Cavalry 112 Third Cavalry 112 Fourth Cavalry " na Kifth Cavalry 113 Sixth Cavalry 113 Seventh Cavalry U3 Eighth Cavalry 114 Ninth t? Geehon Story of Casper Schain Belle Macomber The Coffin Case... WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP 624 Early Settlement 626 Educational 633 Historic- Organic 635 CHAPTER XXIV. They met on the bank of the river, by the side of an old Cottonwood drift log, at what is now the Jones Street Leevee, Dubuque, and elected a committee, consisting of J. But the west side of the Mississippi belonged to the Sac and Fox Indians, and the Govern- ment, in order to preserve peace on the frontier, as well as to protect the Indians in their rights under the treaty, ordered the settlers not only to stop mining, but to remove from the Indian Territory. The miners, how- ever, were reluctant about leaving the rich "leads" they had already discovered and opened, and were not disposed to obey the order to remove with any considerable degree of alacrity.avalrv ...114 First Battery 114 Second Battery 114 Third Battery Hg Fourth Battery 115 Iowa Ktgiment of Colored Troops 116 Northern Border Brigade 115 Southern Border Brigade U5 Promotions. PAGE EDUCATIONAL-STATE INSTITUTIONS 117 The First School House .n 117 Act for the Establishment 01 Common Schools. From an Old Settler's Diary By Thomas Meredith A Mysterious Murder By H. BENTON Tfj WNSHIP 636 » Early Settlement 636 Educational— Government 6.51 Cowboys 652 CHAPTER XXV. In due time Colonel Taylor dispatched a detachment of troops to enforce his order. Crossing the Mississippi at a point now known as Dun- leith, in a canoe, and swimming his horse by his side, he landed on the spot known as the Jones Street Levee. PLEASANT TOWNSHIP Early Settlement ■ Historic Educ Htional Religious Griswold The Beginning T. ATLANTIC TOWNSHIP Early Settlement Early Items and Incidents Grovb City Business Interests— Postofflce. To explore these mines, and to obtain permission to work them was there- fore eminently desirable.

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In this treaty the Sac and Fox Indians ceded to the United States all their lands west of the Mississippi to which they had any claim or title.