Who is rain dating now

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As of now, not much is known about the father of Wright’s alleged child except that he is “a sports manager/agent who manages ‘several high-level athletes.'” According to reports, Wright has been in a relationship with her sports manager boyfriend for more than a year now, but managed to keep it private.

Even though she was asked about her personal life in many interviews, she managed to keep her relationship a big secret.

Rain shared an optimistic post, as she often does, and a fan straight-up commented: "Are you gay?

" Though we'd have absolutely understood if Rain had ignored the comment, she decided to reply with a very direct answer: "No, I'm straight." Rain didn't stop there, though.

According to a source, the 33-year-old reality star and author is “super excited” about expecting another child, and is continuing to keep a low profile as her baby bump is beginning to show.

Her family shared in her happiness with a source saying, “Toya and her family are thrilled that she’s pregnant.” The source also added, “She’s keeping her public appearances to a minimum right now because she’s beginning to show.

"And I call my fans rainbows because my name is Rain, but you do you boo." She added to that a kissy face emoji.

Some people would add that as an insult, but coming from Rain, we think that it's to show that there are no hard feelings over the question.

She has been a bit inconspicuous of late, and people were wondering where she was, leading to speculation that she is expecting a child. The first thing people want to know is: Who is Toya Wright pregnant by?And, quite frankly, a lot of television is starved for decent LGBT representation. But instead of asking stars to come out -- whether they're actually gay or not -- how about if we all instead mind our own business?Especially when the reality stars in question are, you know, 15.Since no, Ami Brown's cancer wasn't miraculously cured despite our hopes and best wishes, she's still contending with her mother's battle with lung cancer.That's hard for anyone to deal with, especially a girl who's only just turned 15.

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Oh, and with Rain's Instagram account having reached over 45,000 followers in just a few months, she's dealing with a lot of social media pressures as both a teenage girl and her family's de facto spokesperson.