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What’s special about this process, and how does it make Date Lab stand out from other dating options?"We are a little bit old-fashioned, in the sense that we don't use any algorithms or science or strict rules in our matchmaking process.It's very rare that people match up on every level, so we play a bit of a guessing game to determine which details are deal breakers, and which ones can be swept under the rug for the right match." of the time, it doesn't go badly! We've had two couples get married since I took over, so obviously those stories warm our hearts.

You can't get too cynical or too clinical, though, or you forget the stuff that makes dating interesting to begin with.

I got in touch with Jane and Bennett this past summer just before they celebrated their one-year anniversary. I think women are more likely to take a leap with something like Date Lab; men seem to need a little more cajoling.

They were both very candid and seemed so happy..can't come away from a conversation like that and not have your faith in the process restored a little bit. A lot of the guys who apply tell us, 'Oh, my coworkers made me do it,' or 'My sister told me I should sign up.' They need a push. Cajole your single friends of any age, race or gender into filling out the application."This year Date Lab celebrated its sixth anniversary.

And we also spend a lot of time trying to read between the lines — if a guy mentions that he prefers blondes, will sending him out with a brunette be a non-starter?

Sometimes, it will be, and sometimes, it won't matter at all.

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