Vampire dating service book

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Vampire dating service book

It didn’t hurt that I was going through puberty at the time. I just found the mystery, danger and power of vampires very alluring, even as a teen.” You have dated several vampires.For you personally what is the appeal of dating a vampire?Go figure…it’s the same reason so many of us lust after Eric Northman, I’m sure.” Why do intelligent, modern, independent women willingly enter in relationships with dominant vampires who are physically and mentally able to overpower them? “I’m going to try to answer that without making anyone mad at me, because the answer is not exactly PC.LOL I think in fact we have learned a lot, and society has learned a lot, and none of us want to go back to a world like on “Mad Men,” where women are subservient.At the same time, I think many, perhaps most (but not all!!) women are hardwired to enjoy submission once in awhile.Getting interviewed here is as cool as having Sam make me a julep and sharing a table with Bill!

I could see Ethan really needed a girlfriend with some piano aptitude. :-)” Dating a vampire involves a biting and drawing of blood. He offered politely, and to my surprise there was no pressure. And frankly, from the moment I laid eyes on him, playing piano in that mall food court, I really wanted him to bite me. Interestingly, however, the experience was quite different with Gunnar.

Werewolves…pirates…space aliens…whatever trips your trigger, just go for it.” In your book you stress how important it is to find the right vampire and not just settle for the first one that comes along.

Have you had any vampire dating disasters of your own? “On that subject, I allude in my book to my dear friend Ethan, the first vampire I dated.

I mention it wasn’t the best match because he’s a musician and I’m not.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a disaster, but one night he really wanted to teach me how to play arpeggios on the piano.

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“As a little kid I was intrigued by mind control—hypnotists, aliens, and also vampires.