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Validating fields

I had to cobble together the information I learned from multiple sources to make my own solution to the problem.

Hopefully the following example will save you from the headache that I experienced.

The function’s code iterates over all of the controls in the Form Group, and ensures that their values all equal that of the first control.

If they do, it returns null (indicates no errors), otherwise is returns a , is what can do this for us.

Bean Validation constraints may be applied to persistent entity classes, embeddable classes, and mapped superclasses.

By default, the Persistence provider will automatically perform validation on entities with persistent fields or properties annotated with Bean Validation constraints immediately after the lifecycle events.

Bean Validation provides a set of constraints as well as an API for defining custom constraints.The single line of code in this method is quite simple; it returns true (error exists) if the parent control (our Form Group) is invalid, but only if the field has been touched.This aligns with the default behavior of Tom Bonanno is a Staff Systems Engineer at VMware, specializing in v Realize Automation and v Realize Orchestrator.Thinking ahead a little, it is likely that you will allow a user to change their email address and password in a user update form as well, right? import from '@angular/forms'; import from '@angular/material'; /** * Custom validator functions for reactive form validation */ export class Custom Validators /** * Custom Error State Matcher which returns true (error exists) when the parent form group is invalid and the control has been touched */ export class Confirm Valid Parent Matcher implements Error State Matcher /** * Collection of reusable Reg Exps */ export const reg Exps: = ; /** * Collection of reusable error messages */ export const error Messages: = ; , on line 11.Since I come from an object-oriented programming background, I chose to make this function a static class method, but you could just as easily make it a standalone function.

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The Java API for Java Beans Validation (Bean Validation) provides a mechanism for validating application data.

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