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In addition, updates and deletes in the lookup table prevented by referential integrity occur when the data in the foreign key column of the data table is not present in the lookup table.

Consequently, the inserts and deletes allowed by referential integrity come from data located in the lookup table.

Example: Input masks can specify that social security numbers be entered in the form of ‘AAA"-"AA"-"AAAA’. "Validating Data in Microsoft Access | Database Solutions for Microsoft Access | uk." Database Solutions & Downloads for Microsoft Access | uk.

By using this setting the user’s input automatically formats to the specified form. Required Property: Using the required property is an easy way to avoid null values in unwanted areas.

I am creating another table to hold the actual Goal for each Category that I will set independently each month.

covers each step of understanding, creating, and modifying databases for custom business purposes.

Example: If a data type is set to be ‘numeric’, then all other types, such as a character(s) will be denied with an error.

By setting an input mask in a field in Microsoft Access, it controls the way data can be entered.

In addition to the updates and deletes authorized by referential integrity, there are three options associated with it: Restrict: this is the default value if no other option is set Set null: sets all matching in the foreign key column to null; all other values are unchanged Cascade: composed of two parts Deletes: an entire row is deleted from the data table when it matches a value in the foreign key column Updates: values in the foreign key column are changed to the new value; all other values are unchanged Data Validation is also a key in databases created through Microsoft Access.

Data validation can be implemented during the design process of a database by setting data requirements for the user input to avoid errors.

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The key factors in data integrity are constraints, referential integrity and the delete and update options.