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Posted by / 19-May-2020 20:05

Shoal Apartments, La Zenia is a carefully designed complex of apartments of superior quality.

Shoal Apartments has created a private nook near the sea, a twenty metres distance from the beach, with all the comforts of a small urbanisation of high standing, offering a variety of dwelling of individual design.

We’ve developed a way for you to communicate using your hands.

Be honest and use this format to communicate your vibe.

Shredability: Rappel into a couloir or 10,000 ft days – BRING IT Both.

We have a long running client base that hits up different backcountry lodges all winter long.

All of this is an enclosed and private area that will guarantee your tranquillity and security.

Update (01-July): In the coming month, we are looking to raise some funds for upgrading the server, which is long overdue, via our long running seedbox service

If you’re not into this, we’re not into you…the backcountry is our home, passion and arena to bring the best out of you. There is inherent risk in the activities we are partaking in.

Can shred at least 85% of inbounds terrain at your local resort.

Experience: Completed either an Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 course or been guided backcountry skiing before.

We rarely book a lodge and fill with a mix group rather rely on groups to bring their own friends... You are hiring one of the best guides in the biz... You are not paying extra for a fancy storefront or transportation.

You are required to have your own transportation, but there could possibly be a chance that your guide drives (shoot them some gas money).

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We tailor to any ability: strong skiers are going to tackle objectives through mentorship, newer skiers are going to differentiate walk-mode from ow-mode.