Us sedating violent prisoners

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These include: These deficiencies are exacerbated by—and in some cases a direct result of—the damage that the men have endured, and continue to endure, from torture and prolonged indefinite detention.

It is long past time that the medical care deficiencies this report describes were acknowledged and addressed.

But in neither case does that diminish the seriousness of the problems identified in this report.

As the men age under these conditions, they are increasingly presenting with complex medical needs. Or the lack of expertise and equipment necessary to provide adequate care for medical conditions that are inevitable in a population of torture survivors [5] who have been detained for almost two decades in a facility synonymous with torture and who are suffering the profound health consequences of both.Many detainees themselves are unable to access their own medical records, or, in the absence of active litigation (and sometimes even then), to secure a medical evaluation by a civilian health professional.Independent civilian health professionals have had, and continue to have, limited access to Guantánamo.To supplement and contextualize the public source materials, the report’s authors consulted with independent civilian medical experts—several of whom have significant experience conducting medical and psychological evaluations of Guantánamo detainees, reviewing their available medical records, and interfacing with Guantánamo’s medical care system—as well as with counsel for detainees.The report does not claim to provide a comprehensive examination of medical care at Guantánamo, nor could it.

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[1] Five detainees have long been cleared for transfer by consensus of the Executive Branch’s national security apparatus, which determined that the men pose no meaningful threat, if any at all, to the United States. But the medical care problems at Guantánamo are far more serious and run much deeper.

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