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For more information see Update the SSL certificate for an Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) farm For production AD FS farms a publicly trusted SSL certificate is recommended.

This is usually obtained by submitting a certificate signing request (CSR) to a third party, public certificate provider.

As soon as the server information is provided, Azure AD Connect displays the connectivity and current SSL certificate status.

Removing a server from the list of servers for an AD FS farm in Azure AD Connect is a local operation and updates the information for the AD FS farm that Azure AD Connect maintains locally.

Normally the SSL certificate for the AD FS farm comes from a trusted third-party CA, like Digi Cert or Verisign.To change the AD FS SSL certificate, you will need to use Power Shell.First, determine which certificate binding mode your AD FS servers are running: default certificate authentication binding, or alternate client TLS binding mode.Near to the expiration period you will get the following notification on your Portal Admin Page.This notification does not apply to SSL Certificate, also known as Service Communications Certificate.

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Azure AD Connect doesn't modify the configuration on AD FS to reflect the change.

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