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Actually, there are a number of reasons why Group Policies take a long time to be applied: these can be DNS issues, DC availability and the speed of connection to it, wrong configuration of AD sites or replication problems, misconfigured group policies, incorrect scripts, etc.

It’s hard to describe an all-in-one algorithm to diagnose all these issues.

Once you ensure that works, you can change for all users.

Then you add your destination share as another DFS target, but disable refrences.

You can then test on a system by changing it's redirection path to the new DFS path.

Everything should function the same, just referencing a different share.

In Windows, you can enable the display of detailed status information that allows users and the administrator to visually understand at what stage of computer loading the greatest delay is observed.

The problem is the User Shell Folder registry setting never changes.

I've made the changes through powershell & manually in AD.

I'm slowly moving users away from some old 2008r2 file servers.

I use robocopy to move the data to the new server, then update the profile path & Home folder properties.

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