Updating ps3 via memory stick Fucken chat

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Updating ps3 via memory stick

I do have a 2G Sony stick in the camera that works just fine.I also have a 2G CF stick that has no problem with the…To get songs on your PS3 first put them on a USB memory stick.Plug in the memory stick then in the XMB go to Music and select your USB memory stick.If not than you may not have the version of the PS3 that has a memory slot.The version I own is the same as the one you have described on the slide show but where do you place it in the front I get that but I can't see where it goes please help me I just want a picture of…

If you want to watch a movie or TV show on your PS3 that you’ve downloaded on to your computer then there is a simple alternative: use a USB flash drive.Thirdly on your PS3's XMB go to movies, and say copy from my memory stick.Choose to copy your movie and submit to copy the movie to your PS3.Once that’s gone you should find it works perfectly and instead of going through the eject process in the software you’ll need to do it via the icon in your toolbar which says Safely Remove Hardware.Hopefully this guide has allowed you to transfer files to your PS3, if you have any tips to add or questions then please feel free to comment.

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The memory that a ps3 has depends on how much GB it has in it.