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Are you one of those people who decided to spend a little less for an older home because you saw lots of promise and charm beneath the 80’s or 90’s decorating nightmare shell? We found ourselves a short sale in 2009 and even though the wallpaper made me want to vomit and the walls were a circus of different colors, we got the perfect house for us but it needed a little TLC.

Home renovation costs can get out of control super fast.

Fortunately, our bedroom door was completely smooth so I didn’t need to apply veneer over it (our foyer door had that faux wood grain texture which I covered with veneer).

That meant that all I’d need for this project is a piece of 1/4″ (actual thickness = 0.2″) plywood from Lowe’s.

In a perfect world, they would all be beautifully constructed and detailed solid wood, but there’s no way I’m spending that much on all of the doors in the house. I briefly considered making them all stained wood, but that requires veneer (which is quite costly), so I decided to go with paint instead.

I ran through a few gray options but decided they would compete with the gray in the floors, and then I saw this from Dear Lillie and was absolutely sold on black: There’s just something about black doors that brings character, richness and sophistication to a space.

You can’t see them unless you stare and they can be touched up.

I still have to do two coats but they are solid coats when I’m finished. But after we decided that replacing the countertops was not in the budget, we just went for it! It does exactly what it said it would do and now I have really nice looking counter-tops in my bathroom for about with no ripping out of anything.

So that’s why I wanted to give you some of our simple home renovation ideas in hopes that it will help you update some items around your home without having to totally remodel.

Maybe you’ve lived in your house for decades and you just know it’s time to make some updates, like the time you decided to take the shoulder pads out of your dresses and ditched the extra tease in your hair. Honestly, sometimes the simple fixes in your home can make a big difference.

Then clear the built up caulk from the door casing and the trim pieces so it’s nice and clean for reinstallation: I decided to hang the door back up first before painting it because 1) it was 100° in the garage, and 2) I could turn on the TV in our room to make it more enjoyable.

It really doesn’t matter either way, you just have to be slightly more careful to not paint the casing.

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(So what you see throughout the post will be tips on how to update a house from the 1980’s but it can certainly be applied to other homes from other decades as well.) My neighborhood is also full of couples in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s. In cases like mine where we got a decent deal on our home, we also got a home that hadn’t been updated since “Full House” came on TGIF.