Updatepanel hidden field not updating

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Updatepanel hidden field not updating

As with the previous callback, additional page state is sent.

This will call the javascript function passing the serverside function name to execute.If your Table is inside the update panel and your Table is initiating the postback to the server then the updatepanel will automatically update providing the Update Mode is not set or is not set to Confitional.If it is set to Conditional then in your server side method you must update the updatepanel by calling the method. Update(); If your table is outside the updatepanel and you still want to update, then you must set the Update Mode="Conditional" and then register the Table control for Asyncpostback using the scriptmanager.The element can be used to trigger a partial page render, but one that requires a full round-trip to the server.This trigger element can also be used to force a full page render when a control would otherwise normally trigger a partial page render (for instance, when a (Click to view full-size image) Utilizing the example we just constructed, we can take a look at what ASP.

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Also you can call the following code in javascript from the doubleclick event of the html row and then add this javascript to your page. Because it is a htmltable we need to add runat="server" and the id property in the serverside code behind.

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