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Located on Toronto’s Eastern Bayfront, Hxouse will serve as an incubator and hub for local entrepreneurial artists, from singers and photographers to documentarians and fashion designers.Like Toronto’s creative and startup scene, Hxouse is a work in progress.In other words, I believed the stories I created about these questionable and doubtful things, and in the process, asked friends and family what they thought was going on.

Because of my fears, I wasn’t able to build and sustain a meaningful connection.

What kept showing up were nice men who weren’t able to fully express themselves, until I did the inner work to resolve these fears.

I made assumptions Whenever the man I was dating or in a relationship with would say and do something that caused me to question and doubt things, I gave my own meaning to his words and actions by interpreting what I thought was going on.

A clever way to exercise your spatial comprehension. Mahjong Classic A Mahjong Solitaire game with multiple boards to choose from.

Fill Maze Slide the ball throughout the maze to fill it with color.

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