Uncensored scenes from extreme dating show

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Uncensored scenes from extreme dating show

, a competition show about artists who use nude people as their canvases.

This may seem like a new trend, but there have actually been plenty of shows that require their participants to be in the buff.

Even before its theatrical release, two more sequels had been announced and at least Saw VII already has a fixed release-date, which will be October 22, 2010. Another trademark of the series is the obligatory Unrated version for the DVD-release.

Furthermore, Perez, who was thought to be dead already, has an appearance, which is one of the reasons why Hoffman's (Jigsaw's succesor) secretive actions lead him more and more to a dead end.

At the same time, another "game" that was planned by him is played.

It’s the silliest idea of all the naked TV shows, but it’s so awkward to watch.5.

, a perfect blend of embarrassing dating shows and faux-shocking nudity, premiered last month on VH1.

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Both versions have been in stores in the US since .

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