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Types of psychology dating violence

century society, we find it somehow difficult to leave peacefully without expressing our emotions or some of our dissatisfaction with violence.Violence should be a thing of the past, for instance violence has led to dissolution of several marriages and family breakups, some violence can be so strong that it can lead to death of a particular party involved. According to World Health Organization, violence can be defined as the intentional use of one’s own power or force that is physical and threatening against oneself, other individual, community or a group of people that can possibly result to injury, death or even physical harm against the victim.According to a nationally representative survey conducted in 1985, for example, 16.1% of married couples in the United States experienced an incident of violence during the previous year.When the definition of violence is limited to include only severe violence perpetration (e.g., kicking, beating up, using a knife or gun), incidence remains high at 6.3%.

Each of these behaviors may cause the partner to become irritated and may ultimately ignite relationship conflict.

Although this controversy is far from resolved, researchers have recently brought some coherence to the literature by developing typologies to distinguish between qualitatively distinct categories of intimate partner violence.

One prominent typology suggests that there are two types of intimate partner violence in Western countries: intimate terrorism and situational couple violence.

First, are the partners experiencing conflict with one another?

Second, does either partner experience impulses toward intimate partner violence as a result of this conflict?

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If the pain is caused accidentally (e.g., by inadvertently shutting a door on the partner’s fingers), it does not qualify as intimate partner violence.

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