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My wife is NOT into art at all, and just lets me get on with it, I couldnt imagine having to SHARE my art with her, art is MY time to be on my own and relax, her quiet time, is when Im on my own Joe ------------------ Today - Im going to make someone smile !

Obviously it's nice to have common interests and goals but i do not think that it's 'better' to be married to an artist just to have that.

I taught him how to create gorgeous presentation graphics, which have won him a lot of glory at his job. He has his office in the basement that he just finished building walls for and is working on walling in the larger space as a studio for me.

I've seen him draw things for my daughter and he's got a natural drawing ability.

He says one artist is more than enough in our family for now both of us with almost the exact same interests is heaven. He can talk to me about his work and I can advise him, or not, or just listen and be his sounding board.

If I have a UNIX problem, I can explain exactly what it is and he can teach me how to fix it. He does love to watch me paint now and then, but totally respects my space and rarely says anything when he does so.

I've caught a little smile on his face now and then, tho only problem we ever had was when we ran a business together -- IEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!

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