Tom cruz and cameron diaz dating Chatral girls six scandal

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Tom cruz and cameron diaz dating

Knight and Day is a 2010 American action comedy film starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Waking up in June’s rebuilt GTO, Roy and June drive toward Cape Horn, and Roy's parents unexpectedly receive their own tickets to Cape Horn. The Writers Guild of America, West, decided that due to this large number of contributors, only Patrick O'Neill, who had worked on the beginning layout of the script, would get credit.

Returning home to Boston from buying car parts in Wichita, June Havens (Cameron Diaz) collides with Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) at the airport, twice, and is bumped to a later flight.

CIA Agent John Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard), believing June is working with Roy, puts her back on the plane.

They are attacked by henchmen sent by Spanish arms dealer Antonio Quintana (Jordi Mollà). Fleeing across the rooftops, Roy is shot and falls into the river with the Zephyr. They believe their son, an Army sergeant and Eagle Scout, was killed in action, and have won various lotteries and sweepstakes they do not remember entering.

Drugged again, June drifts in and out of consciousness as they are captured and then escape to Roy’s off-the-grid island. Leaving a message on her own answering machine declaring that she has the Zephyr, June is taken by Quintana's men to Sevilla. so June would be returned home safely in time for the wedding.

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Cruise and Diaz are not as popular with younger moviegoers, who often drive big opening weekends in the summer. Among teenage and college-age males, the movie is barely registering, according to people who have seen the survey results." Upon hearing that tracking data on June 22, 2010, showed the film was not likely to produce revenue over $30 million in its first five days on screen, a FOX executive told The Wrap he was "confounded", and commented, "Tracking says one thing, but our sneak previews this weekend said something totally different. but if you look at the empirical data, we’re nowhere." New York Magazine reported that the day prior to the film's release, a long scene from Knight and Day was made available on i Tunes, in an attempt to improve the lackluster 28–31% "definite interest" level of the movie.