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Textbox1 validating

The following code shows how: The above code shows the Page_Load event handler of the user control.

The Page_Load event handler creates a new Guid using Guid. It then sets the Validation Group property of Button1, Text Box1 and Required Field Validaror1 to this Guid string.

Please try to refer to the following code: This code will demonstrate that the backcolor of this Text Box will be changed when the page validate failure.

When you click 'OK' on the pop-up window, the backcolor of this Text Box will be changed to red. Such as : Based on your suggestion I have been using this method to change the background color of textboxes when invalid. I do have one wrinkle I am wondering if you can help.

i need a way to change the back-color when the validation fails.

I can get the validators to fire and display the error message text, but how do I reference the textbox in the javascript?

It can contain only unformatted text in its Text property.

In many situations you need to enter only numeric values in the Textbox.

Now the individual user controls will work as expected.

In the second approach outlined above you can auto-generate Validation Group value inside the user control itself.

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Text = "" End If End Sub End Class Text Box control has additional functionality that is not found in the standard Windows text box control, including multiline editing and password character masking. Text Box Control The properties like Auto Complete Custom Source, Auto Complete Mode and Auto Complete Source to perform a Text Box that automatically completes user input strings by comparing the prefix letters being entered to the prefixes of all strings in a data source.

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