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Taller women shorter men dating sites

Certainly we don’t get to all pick from a sea of Ryan Reynolds look-a-like’s, standing at 6’2” with a perfectly chiseled body and six pack abs, or finding a partner would be super easy and amazing for us all.Let’s keep in mind that the average height for men in this country is 5’10”.I did a decent amount of research and reading on this subject, and here’s what I found: it all boils down to our ancient ancestors. These were times when women were in great danger of being attacked by wild animals and other men.

My initial thought was, ‘If he knows how tall you are and that clearly didn’t stop him from asking, then WHO CARES?

If you have, then you should extend the same courtesy to any guys that are shorter than you that are interested in taking you out for a date.

I am not writing this to persuade you to jump into a relationship with some jerk who has short-man syndrome to the nth degree – those guys that just feel insecure or tells you that you can’t wear the 3” heels you love.

Tall women tend to have a complex with dating because, like any other human, we hate putting ourselves out there only to be rejected by a potential partner based on merely a physical attribute (in our case, our height – an attribute we cannot control).

We do not like to be rejected because we’re taller than somebody.

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But height aside, all women in general have gone on a crusade, fueled by the body-positive movement, to ask men to stop being so dang shallow.

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