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Sons of guns daughter dating

After, the cancellation of show Sons of Guns, Kris Ford and his wife, Stephanie Wayden also got arrested for abusing a child. Kris was accused of assaulting Stephanie's child from the previous relationship. More on His wife and daughter Child's father, William Scott levied the allegations.

The abuse occurred in September 2014 where Kris allegedly hit the kid with a belt which left him with bruises on lower buttock area.

Clearly, there is something very wrong going on in this family — and not only because of what happened to Hayden’s son, but because her father, Will Hayden, was reportedly accused of child molestation just a few months ago.

Unsurprisingly Sons of Guns was eventually cancelled after those reports were made public.

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He is not her first child, however, as he grew up with an older sister – his mother giving birth earlier in her life also meant that she had a higher chance of a successful pregnancy even during her late 40s.

His mother has an estimated net worth of milllion, while his father has an estimated net worth at million.

Time will tell if Maceo’s future endeavors will add to the wealth his family already has.

Kris and Stephanie were put behind bars for child harassment.

Kris had gone harsh as he hit Stephanie’s son from her prior relationship.

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