Shortlist dating

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Shortlist dating

To celebrate LGBT Pride Month and commemorate the 48th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we’re recognising 100 cities with active LGBT communities.

At Nestpick, we aim to help people relocate to the cities that offer them the best possible quality of life.

The openness of fellow citizens towards different orientations influences how at ease members of the LGBT community feel.

Safety: Being protected against hate crime and other forms of prejudice is necessary in order for an LGBT community to truly flourish.

We conducted polls in 80 countries among the LGBT community using social media and other polling tools.

We asked over 2500* participants from each city to give three lifestyle factors a rating out of five stars: the strength of their city’s gay dating scene, the quality of its LGBT nightlife, and the openness of their fellow citizens.

Finally, we added a fifth category that considered the LGBT rights of citizens in each of the 40 countries included in the ranking.Dating Score: Tourists and professionals are more likely to travel or relocate to cities where there is a higher chance of them developing friendships and relationships with other members of the LGBT community.LGBT Nightlife Score: With their vibrant atmosphere and sense of inclusivity, gay-friendly parties and venues are often the beating heart of a city’s night scene.Cities needed to average of at least two out of five stars for each of the three lifestyle factors in order to qualify the final shortlist.Thus, the maximum score is five and the minimum possible score is two for the first three categories.

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We also took into account the national laws affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, such as the right to get married or adopt children.