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Footrot is costly to deal with in terms of labor costs, health product costs, and reduced performance by animals in the flock.It can also be a humane and animal welfare issue in flocks with a high prevalence of footrot.Producers are the primary users of the information for determining production and marketing strategies, planning purchases and capital investments.Other users of the data include financial institutions, producer organizations, agribusiness, state and national farm policy makers, and foreign and domestic buyers of agricultural products.She started the first 4H Dairy sheep club in the US, her Agri-Tourism program served over 1,000 families last summer, she has classes for small ruminant care, cheese making and uses her sheep for therapy for children with Special Needs. She founded the Whispering Pines Foundation, a Non-Profit, dedicated to getting children and youth outdoors and involved in dairy sheep and farming.This Webinar gives basic information on setting up a homestead to raise milk and meat.Government agencies are important users of the data.

Methods The sheep and goat sample is drawn from a universe of farms and ranches in the United States which raise sheep and goats including sheep in feedlots.A common sense approach to supplying your family with proteins on your own land.How to milk share, basic milking equipment for home use as well as steps to grow into a business.Click here to receive information only from specific states. Questions for goats and kids are asked in January and July survey to provide information on inventory of breeding and market goats, kids born, death loss, and mohair production.Uses Uses of statistical information are extensive and varied.

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Ideas for set up with the whole family involved including the children or a plan for senior adults wanting some supplemental income without too much stress . Preventing and Controlling Footrot in Sheep Presenter: Mike Neary, Ph D, Extension Small Ruminant Specialist Purdue University Host: Dr.

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