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If infection has devel¬ oped, it also must he treated, since irritation (and hence ir¬ ritability of bladder control) is likely to continue until the infection is subdued. At the moment the only for¬ mal representation the Com- From The London Observer mundst Provisional Revolu¬ tionary Government (PRG) has in Saigon, where it mat¬ ters, is on the two-party Joint Military Commission. Clearance 179.88 1 only, Beatty top Zero automatic Has two si temperature frost. Racks and racks of summer fashions are specially low priced for all you budget-watchei*s. FLATTERING SUMMER SHOES AT SPECIAL LOW PRICES Dress Shoes, Sandals Reg. Popular Spectators with crepe soles are in this collection too ... Classy clogs with wedge heel closed toe, open back, thick cork soles with composi¬ tion outsole. But this won no support as Campbell answered that if the board worked to put out a map that was absolutely accu¬ rate, it would take too much time. Janet enjoying the last few fore she changes her name to Robertson . He will remain in that position until Smith’s study is completed, said Gal¬ braith. Thomson turned them around there by picking a small opening with a screened shot.The Weather oped a stale of mind that wasn’t the healthiest." Colson, who has yet to tes¬ tify before the senate Water¬ gate committee, reiterated his strong defence of the pre¬ sident’s innocence in the Wa¬ tergate affair-jas well as his own, Reflecting on the 1972 cam¬ paign, Colson said: "Maybe one of the mistakes of the Nixon apparatus last year was that we tried to get the politics out of the White House by setting up the Committee to Re-elect the President, which then went beserk and did a lot of dumb things. XJntil the June accord, its representatives on the JMC were virtually incarcerated in Tan Son Nhut airport, but now they are supposedly to be given quarters in Saigon it¬ self. 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His goal set off a surge which carried Shamrocks to a 13-6 lead.(Bladder infection, of course, also is fairly common in women who have not had chil¬ dren, or do not have cys- tocelc I The odor you note in nurs¬ ing homes is not necessarily from the same cause as yours. President Thieu is openly disdainful of the neu¬ tralists, whom he considers as being little more than a dis¬ gruntled rabble, thirsty for power but with very little idea of how they would keep the Communists at bay and run the country. T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, shorts, dresses and outsize tops, some outsize shorts, too! Sportswear, Floor of Fashion Sale, { each Young Hair Shop, Floor of Faahion A Special Clearance of Pant Coats, Spring Coats, New-Style Coats Spring Coat Clearance Well-tailored wools and polyester blends as well as wool knits. An array of checks, stripes and plains to choose from. Choose your favourite in single or double breasted style, fitted or loose. Victoria, Oak Bay and Es¬ quimau are not included in the maps. Edith Gun¬ ning, meanwhile, pointed to some "glaring errors" in the hastily-prepared maps, which were completed only 45 min¬ utes before the start of Wednesday’s meeting. C O Q U I TLA M — Rich¬ mond’s surging Roadrunners moved into a tie for fourth place in the Pacific Junior "A” Lacrosse League on Wednesday night. — Continuation of match play In Pacific Northwest* Golf Association men’s championship, Uplands Golf Clqb. — Continuation of match play In Pacific Northwest Golf Association women’s championship, Uplands Golf Club. In the National League, Wil¬ lie Stargell hit his 25th homer of the season and the 302nd of his career in Pittsburgh Pirates’ 10-2 romp over San Diego Padres.The incontinence very often as the consequence of str o k e s , or of general weakness of patients. The Communists, on the other hand, are very keen on the council. Single and double-breasted styles, plus the new wrap-arounds in plains, plaids and dots. Brown, red, blue, green or pink in solid shades as well as two-tone stripes. Greens, blues, navy, yellow multi-colors and white. IMPORT ROOM and TOWN HOUSE Clearance of ^Couture Fashions Foundations To Wear With Summery Fashions Halter-style Bras Reg. She said that after a quick examination, she noticed two or three parcels of land in Saanich marked as "agricul¬ tural" which are already being developed as townhouse sites. In February, the municipal¬ ity considered disbanding the force and hiring the RCMP to police the municipality be¬ cause this would save about ,000 a year. The homer tied Stargell with Bobby Bonds and Darrell Evans for the major^league lead and broke the all-time Pirate record for career home runs set by Ralph Kiner. _ Thompson, w Ik later added three assists, got Shamrocks started by scoring their first two goals, and Kevin Alex¬ ander, who seems more po¬ tent in the WLA than he even is in junior ”B” lacrosse, kept them going and led both clubs with five goals and two as¬ sist*.

: Airline’s | Cash \ Returned r WASHINGTON (UPI) - ^The Committee to Re-Elect ;the President Wednesday re¬ sumed to American Airlines ^en illegal ,000 cash con¬ tribution the airline claimed -was solicited by President Dixon’s personal lawyer. It is a pity, too, that the Pat Bay (ferry) Highway will not have a direct link, ap¬ parently, with the new “gateway.” But much traf¬ fic-good will result. COUTKi LS.., X' vn X i ~7 'x J , •*» HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Thieu-Arranged Victory In Vietnam Elections The Leaners POLLOWING A CONFERENCE two months ago a of federal and provincial ministers most directly concerned with air quality, a review of the discussions was issued which, in itself, was smoggy. Davis said the federal government would do so with caution. Indications were de Renzy spent much of Wednesday in Vancouver rounding up the group out on bail and arranging for a moorage for the vessel until a trial or preliminary hearing is held.

for about 24 ‘ candidates under the direct •supervision of H. f Senate investigators, the ar¬ ticle says, have been told the cashier’s cheques written to 'The Public Institute were sent 'to former White House aide ♦Jack Gleason, who split up • the funds and forwarded them Zto candidates designated by ; Hahdeman. (1) by NOON Juljrl 8 , 1973 for Vancouver hearings (2) by NOON July 30, 1973 for Nanaimo hearings (3) by NOON August 13, 1973 for Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George and Victoria hear¬ ings. It is a costly undertaking without a doubt, and subterranean sections of road leave something to be desired. But the way time flies, the last gasp may be closer than worries have it, particularly in view of the latest report on the U. plan for cleaner-air catalyst converters for car engines. When he said the United States lead would be followed in the matter of exhaust pollution, Mr. Cot¬ ton twill, zip front, regular or stretch waistbands. The Marysville’s release had been requested by de Renzy’s defence lawyel's in Vancouver.

Ga L 28.7 35.9 258 32.3 23 8 29 8 22.7 284 21.7 27.2 21.5 269 21.2 26 6 20 6 25.8 196 246 . •„ Senate investigators have ‘been told, the article says, I that the Kalmbach money fwas distributer! The source of the :money, it says still is unex¬ plained. The inaugural meeting was held in Van¬ couver, Tuesday, July 3, 1973, at this meeting the following schedule of additional jiearings for the summer was an¬ nounced : (a) Vancouver July25, 26, 27 a.m.-l:00 p.m. Evenings as required (b) Nanaimo August 6 , 7, 8 a.m.- noon 2 :00-5 :00 p.m. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that those intending to make submissions to the Commission are required to: (a) Write immediately to the Secretary at the ad¬ dress below and inform him of such intention and thereafter (b) Prepare a brief to be forwarded in five copie« to reach the Secretary at the address below. It would seem that Mayor Pollen is incapable of taking a good-side look at anything; he can only attack, which Is his prerogative But in this case the damage has been done and welcome corrective measures are being taken. final¬ ly finds a way to beat them cleaner, it will be hand¬ ed on. It could be that air fouling by cars will be as bad as before and perhaps worse, which is some¬ thing Canada’s minister of the environment should be breathing in. The seven men from the Gondola and de Renzy and two others aboard the Marysville were also charged with con¬ spiracy to import narcotics. set at a total of ,000 and all but one of the 20 had been released by Wednesday, with de Renzy putting up ,000 of the total.

Weldon’s was presented to the government Wednesday, they added. "That insecurity began to breed a form of paranoia. Thoateaon: I can¬ not control urine when walk¬ ing unless I go at a snail’s paoe. % _^00 List 249.95 179 AUD Speakers— Brand New 0 DYNAMICS ADC220X CARTRIDGE $ ir List .95 . He himself said he was a victim of the army’s advertising cam¬ paign." OF NS — Copyright There will almost certainly be national elections in South Vietnam this year, but they are unlikely to be the kind en¬ visaged in the Paris peace agreements. They will be referred to the municipalities in the region for study between now and Aug.

The eight unions, represent¬ ing porters, clerks, signal¬ men, maintenance workers, round - house and other em¬ ployees could legally begin a strike seven days after the chairman of the boaid hands in his report to federal Labor Minister John Munro. "You know, ‘the arrogance of the White House aides’ is a phrase you now most com¬ monly hear. We over-reacted to the attacks against us and to a lot of things. I got along fine at home, or when not exercising very much. 303 AX SPEAKER List 9 Pair Pair *210 ■ - ■ V ADC220XE CARTRIDGE *17*° List .95 .. President Nguyen Van Thieu intends to have local and Senate elec¬ tions under the terms of his own South Vietnamese consti¬ tution. 17, the deadline for mu¬ nicipalities to apply for changes.

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As I look back on it, now that I’ve been out a few months, I realize we devel- Incontinence Bv d. A lot of elderly people have this trouble, and I suppose if they could be helped some¬ thing would have been done for them, wouldn't it? The January cease-fire agreement called for the es¬ tablishment of a National Council of National Reconcili¬ ation and Concord, composed of representatives of the Sai¬ gon regime, the Communists and a vaguely defined “third group" of neutralists, to orga¬ nize all-party national elec¬ tions. / In their final form, the maps will designate the greenbelts sought by the pro¬ vincial government in its Land Commission Act.