Sex dating in shishmaref alaska

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Sex dating in shishmaref alaska

The penmanship was worn but legible, and, as Ivanoff recognized from language classes in college, written in Russian.He fell asleep that night unsure of what he had discovered, but with the help of thousands of Facebook users and the Russian media, Ivanoff would soon unravel a mystery dating back 50 years that originated across the Bering Strait in the Soviet Union.Last week, they visited Botsanenko at his home in Crimea to tell him the news and provided KNOM with a rough translation of their conversation: In the news report, a reporter holds up his phone to show the elderly captain the image of Ivanoff’s find.The man begins to tear up when he recognizes his words from decades ago.

Russian speakers got a hold of the post on multiple social media platforms and have translated the message in the bottle to be a greeting from the Russian Navy, dating back to the year 1969.That’s when a green bottle in the sand caught his eye. 5, and showed his children the glinting bottle with a cork cap and piece of paper curled up inside. ” his 8-year-old daughter exclaimed, Ivanoff recalled in a Sunday interview with The Washington Post.Ivanoff uncorked the vessel and pulled out a wrinkled sheet with a message crafted in blue ink.Tyler Ivanoff isn’t sure if he’ll answer the request to send a letter back.But it has given him some inspiration to keep the non-traditional method of communication going.

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The conversation culminated in Denali being invited to an upcoming get-together at Anchorage Brewing.