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Sedating koi

Hi, This procedure scared the bejeezus out of me when I first carried it out, but it is really quite simple.

Now then, you could sedate the koi by playing a Lionel Ritchie song, or by watching " Spice Girls - The Movie", but here is a more conventional method.

Lift the koi out of the bowl and it should be totally floppy, with no movement apart form the mouth and gills. Quite often they may bleed from the gills, this is nothing to be concerned about, just carry on.

NEVER leave the koi unattended whilst it is in the bowl.

Professional breeders prefer to move koi in cooler temperatures.

Don't panic if the gills or mouth stop moving, it doesn't mean that you have killed your koi!

At cooler temperatures, fish metabolism is reduced and because they are less active, they are easier to catch.

Furthermore, where the transportation of koi is involved, they are better off transported in cooler temperatures as their demand for oxygen is reduced yet the water’s ability to hold oxygen is increased.

If you put it straight back in the pond, use your net and hold it over the air source to aid recovery ( with the koi in it, of course! Some koi will recover quickly, others may take as long as 30 minutes, so again don't panic!

The koi will be allowed some toast and a cup of tea an hour after surgery How true about koi taking different time to sedate.

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But we can learn a few principles from the professionals and apply them where possible to our own move for the benefit of our koi. Netting and capturing koi can cause any settled sediment or debris to be resuspended in the pond (especially in a planted pond).