Royal typewriter serial number dating tree ring dating simulation worksheet

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Royal typewriter serial number dating

Baco Ribbons makes ribbons in many sizes, colors, and materials.

He can sometimes provide ribbons in colors other than black or black/red.

(Look on the back of the machine for a big decal listing all the patents.) If your typewriter has very little plastic, it's probably no later than the mid-1930s.

If it's painted in crinkle paint (with tiny wrinkles), it's usually from the late thirties or the forties.

Ribbon spools (the reels) are slightly more challenging, if your typewriter is missing them.

Ribbons are usually sold on plastic spools, and you may have to experiment with a few kinds before you find one that fits your particular machine.

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Some typewriters use eyelets on either end of the ribbon, which automatically reverse the ribbon; the same effect can usually be produced by tying a knot near the end of the ribbon.