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Ps3 trophy list not updating

Expect it to surface in the initial PS4 firmware as well.

Here’s the full list of changes for those interested: * Auto download of system software updates has been expanded to support all PSN users.

You can aim ahead of them and when they sit still shoot them.

Update: Firmware 4.50 is now live on Network Update.

Here’s a direct link if you’d prefer to download and install manually.

Act 1: After reuniting with AJ in the school, you will have to go out to the woods to defend the school from a zombie attack.

After killing the first two, one of the boys will point out the huge boulders hanging on ropes from trees. You must let a zombie walk in the circle under the tree so the circle turns red.

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Then he will teach you how to give Rosie commands and the trophy unlocks.

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