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Ps3 not updating games

Probably not, but the system, now over a decade old, did get a new firmware update on Valentine's Day. Ah well, we may as well take this opportunity to remember the PS3.

Up until now, I've been presuming the auto-update on game launch should be keeping me current. UESP seems to indicate that the latest patch for PS3 is (1.3.10 was PC-only).

Since Sunday afternoon, Play Station 3 consoles have been unable to log on to the Play Station Network and unable to play certain games following a flawed software update. But with over 20 million older “fat” versions susceptible, what is Sony’s advice?

“We advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies and not being able to restore certain data.”According to Sony, errors include: How will Sony respond to this error?

While Sony didn’t go into a deep-dive on the subject, it was mentioned that they wanted to enhance the content offered through Play Station Plus.

This could mean that Sony plan to reduce or even remove PS3 games from their monthly roster, although it should be noted that neither have been mentioned by the tech giant as part of their plans.

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Let us know if you still spend a night or two with the last-gen machine in the comments section below.

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