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I’m back on apps, but I’m still holding out hope that I’ll meet someone while hanging out in Rittenhouse Square.

Leah, 25, Washington Square West: I’d like to meet more people in person, but for now, I am mostly meeting people through apps. From my experience, I’ve had better quality matches, conversations, and dates on Bumble.

With that being said, I do use Tinder and appreciate it for the opportunities Bumble does not provide; I can message first, but I don’t have to (and normally don’t).

I have remained hopeful that Tinder has moved away from it’s notorious meaningless hookup reputation, but sadly I have yet to see that happen.

Sarah: It can go either way as far as who suggests meeting up, but somehow I always end up choosing where we go. However, according to my friends I need to step up and choose “nicer” places because I set myself up for failure.I like trying different place around the city, so I don’t have a go-to.I usually prefer going somewhere for drinks and sitting outside if it’s nice.Leah: I like when a guy suggests the first date, but if I’m having a conversation with someone and I’m really into this person, I have no problem asking for the first date!I also think that with some apps, like Bumble, the girl is making the first move, so I feel somewhat obligated to suggest a date.

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