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He loves me and I love how he explores my body and how sensual he is.

I online dated prolifically in the last year since I’ve left him and had some short, but fun and diverse relationships. Highly intelligent, but emotionally unavailable guy. He flew to see me and arrived only a couple days ago. The problem is NOT that he’s overweight, it’s that he’s obese That said though, this is the most comfortable relationship I’ve ever been in.I love him and it’s the strangest relationship ever, but it’s so happy. He turns me on with the way he talks to me and touches me, way more so than my last boyfriend who was a muscled gym bro. Do you think it is infatuation or disillusion that makes me attracted to him? Well, in some ways it does bother me, but I’m grown-up enough to ignore those what-will-people-think worries You don’t have a question, Katie.You have a beautiful story — a tale that’s as old as time, if you will.My advice to you is to continue working on that “open-mindedness” you say you have.If you want to be accepted for the benefits you can bring into a relationship and the love you can offer a partner, you need to look past outward appearances and search for something a little deeper.

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I normally don’t provide much validation here — namely because there’s not much to learn from it — but in this case, I wanted to make an exception.

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