My daughters dating a black

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My daughters dating a black

Now I am banned from her life and I am not even allowed to have a picture of her. I still love her like my child, but I must confess, I miss her as a lover even more.She told my mother that she feels I abandoned her, but I am not allowed by law from even speaking to her. I want no one but her, so I stay alone, living my life like a robot going through the motions.I was doing it so hard it was knocking her breath out with each thrust.

She was shocked but spread her legs wide and let me continue.

Even so, she said, after that she couldn't stop thinking about it.

When she went away to college she said she met this special black guy (tall, smart, good looking, well dressed, charming, funny, really built) -- the whole package, she said -- and she really fell for him.

The next day she told her BFF and the BFF told the cops.

I went to prison for 5 years and now she says she hates me and never wanted to do it at all.

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She was at a party when she got "blacked" by a big black guy in her junior year.