Male dating mp3

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Male dating mp3

From the single mother who lives across the street, to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, women are quickly proving to men that they can handle just as much, if not more, than them.

Wearing the metaphorical pants in a female led relationship When it comes to relationships, letting the woman wear the pants is still a relatively taboo topic.

Men usually retreat into their man caves and hope that the problem goes away, which obviously doesn’t solve anything. Couples in female-led relationships express themselves better than others, giving them a higher chance of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

This is because they understand that expressing themselves and indulging in fluid communication is more important than engaging in a mindless shouting match—or worse, giving one another the silent treatment.

Examples include dissatisfaction and the customary power struggle.

Of course, the female has to learn not to abuse her power, because the goal is for both parties to have a happy relationship. In a female-led relationship, the man doesn’t hold all the power, even if he earns more money than his lady.

There is a good distribution of power that both parties can appreciate—and this is gender equality at its finest. Once the female takes charge, there is less pressure on the male.

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If there’s something wrong or if they can’t do something, they won’t hesitate to ask for help.

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In a female-led relationship, there is no doubt that the woman will take on the domineering role.