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The men's mothers are brought in to live in a house with the female contestants while the sons are housed in a nearby condominium.Throughout the series, the female contestants participate in competitions and are selected by the men for dates, with some of the contestants being eliminated at various intervals.In the second elimination round, Vita, Callie, Mya, and Payten were eliminated by text message.Lauren, Carina, and Megan were called down to the pool, at which time Lauren was kept in the competition and Megan quit.The men make the decisions whether each woman should stay or go, but the mothers actively seek to influence their sons as to those decisions.Some of the female contestants have been nude models for , namely Erica Ellyson, Meghan Allen, Brittany Fuchs, and Stacy Fuson.

The “Grandmother of Performance Art,” Abramović has presented her work with performances, sound, photography, video, and sculpture in solo exhibitions at major institutions in the U. , where she covered some of the biggest global business news stories of the last two decades—including the Bernie Madoff scandal and the subprime mortgage crisis.

Jojo's mom cried since no one chose to prepare her son's favorite food (catlase and grape leaves).

The chef asked Julie to make his food, and she did.

Site / Twitter Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business, Aaron Ahuvia is one of the leading experts in the world on consumer behavior.

The winner of the Consumer Brand Relationships Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Industry Impact, he studies how and why we love our favorite possessions, brands and activities.

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), which centers on a group of mothers who must help choose the perfect woman for their complacent sons.

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