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Is alex oloughlin dating sophia myles

"He knows his place in the universe." Right now that's a pretty sweet spot. He was raised by his mom, a nurse, after she split with his dad, a teacher.Besides Moonlight, he's appearing in two films: In August Rush, he's a passionate musician, and in next year's Whiteout (with Kate Beckinsale), he's a rough-and-tumble pilot. Money was tight, his clothes were secondhand, and he rarely had anything new.

Continuing his upswing, O’Loughlin returned to the big screen with the 2007 teen thriller, ‘Invisible,’ playing a recently paroled thug dating a troubled girl (Margarita Levieva) who attacks a high school kid (Justin Chatwin) and leaves his body to die in the woods, forcing his detached spirit to find help before it’s too late.

O’Loughlin counted as his next project, the Australian low-budget thriller Feed (2005), in which he starred and produced.

Teaming again with Man-Thing’s director Brett Leonard, O’Loughlin was credited with originating the idea for the story, centering on an investigator, played by O’Loughlin, in pursuit of a cyber-criminal suspected of killing women by force-feeding them to death.

Between takes, he ducks out to an alley to puff a Cuban cigar. But while Mick is smoldering and reserved, O'Loughlin is playful.

Costumed in trademark Mick garb — black jeans, boots, dark shirt — he apologizes repeatedly for the smoke, his gentlemanly concern something you'd expect from Mr. "He's a bundle of energy," says costar Sophia Myles, who plays reporter Beth Turner, the woman Mick loves but can't have.

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"I really feel like I'm participating in life when I'm strapped into a harness and hanging precariously above the ground," says the 31-year-old Australian actor (whose last name is pronounced "O--lin").