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Many of these are scored for the instrumentation typically found in a jazz orchestra or a dance band.The collection is particularly strong in orchestrations that would have been used to accompany silent movies. Current Museum of Online Museum exhibitions and selections can be found here. An instant Mo OM classic, the Diana Korzenik Collection of Art Education Ephemera is massive and includes these sweet crayons and Augsburg's Action Drawing Cards, among other treasures. "When Frank began painting posters for Ghanaian movie theaters he was given a clear mandate: If the movie was gory, the poster should be gorier. This is one of many experiments by the NYPL Labs to help patrons understand and explore what was contained in that release." Bravo. You drink a few beers and make a custom button for your own personal cause, they get a few bucks, everyone wins! " "This morning The New York Public Library made over 187K digital items in the public domain available for high resolution download.

To identify pieces of interest use the Advanced Search screen and enter the term "motion picture music" in the subject field.

A perfectly timed exhibition titled "Selfies on Paper" is currently on display at the Rijksmuseum.

The Amsterdam museum is asking visitors to trade their selfie sticks for pencils and paper.

In earlier days it was common for individuals to have their sheet music collection custom-bound into a "binder's volume." These are particularly valuable because contexts of home music-making are preserved.

The Center holds more than 200 such volumes, most dated in the 19th century.

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Avery is a renowned west-coast collector and dealer in records, sheet music and musical items, as well as a noted photographer of important jazz figures. Avery has transferred to the Center a significant collection of sheet music, sound recordings, photographs, and manuscripts.