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How europe is accomodating muslims

However, it is often difficult to find out exactly why a person was not hired for a job.

In your situation, it appears that you were sent home because the employer had a negative reaction to your hijab, which you wear as part of your religious and/or cultural identity.

But the only way to really know is to get more facts.

You can ask the employer for an explanation of its business reasons.

Even if your situation does not amount to illegal harassment, you can still take steps to try to improve the situation by communicating with your employer about it.

Coming up with an acceptable solution to the problem depends on your specific circumstances.

In addition, an employer must provide a reasonable accommodation for religious practices unless doing so would result in undue hardship.

Follow the employer's complaint procedure, if it has one, or notify a manager or other company official.

This prohibition applies to other employment decisions as well, including promotion, transfers, work assignments and wages.

Even though you have a gut feeling that the reason you were turned away is due to your religious identity or national origin, a fuller explanation of the employer's business reasons would be needed before determining whether the action was discriminatory.

One coworker started calling me names like "camel jockey" and "the local terrorist." I used to have a good relationship with my coworkers and enjoyed my job, but now I dread coming to work each day. Racial and/or ethnic epithets and general workplace hostility can amount to unlawful harassment.

While many employees feel powerless in this situation, the important thing to remember is that you have options.

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