Hermaphrodite sex ads

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Hermaphrodite sex ads

By sifting through some of the discrepancies between sex and gender in the last installment, it became clear that these two concepts are not inextricably linked.

It would seem best, then, to let the hermaphrodite grow and decide with which gender to side since he/she would know his/her own identity internally.

God's intention of the genders is that those born males act like males and those born females act like females.

But, in rare instances, there are babies born with the sexual organs of both sexes. First of all, sin is in the world and it sometimes takes its tolls on our bodies resulting in various deformities.

Nevertheless, in the case of hermaphroditism, the identity of the individual is still intended by God to be one or the other.

After all, God would not make someone in contradiction to His created order and purpose.

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It is the internal genetic dominance that determines male and female -- even though sometimes mutations occur that leave both sexual organs.

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