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They are terribly frightening, but at times, they are necessary. Whatever the preferred thing to wear to this type of thing is? Okay, you are finally dressed, looking amazing and ready to go.

The Deathly Hallows are three objects that, when possesed, can make someone become the Master of Death.Which fun thing would keep you captivated the longest and the most, making you wish this magical, historical and romantic night would never, ever end?As mentioned, a band would help make the Yule Ball super festive, and in this fictional story, where you attend a wizarding school and you attend the Yule Ball, you get to pick a band or artist to perform at the dance! The characters within the world of Harry Potter are talented, brave, inspiring, smart, funny, amazing..cute!Why would you win the award, and in what field would you be honored, recognized, appreciated and then awarded?Again, this quiz is about the Yule Ball, which is for students from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (the beautiful Veela girls), Durmstrang Institute (with its burly men) and Hogwarts (made up of Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, Ravenclaws and Gryffindors).

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You already thought about how you feel about kids, so now think about your wedding day: Do you imagine a big day with all of your favorite people? And while you are getting ready, what are you slipping into - What is the outfit that you will wear to impress? Of the four not-so-nice characters listed here, which one is your least favorite and the one you may wish would just disappear?