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Posted by / 07-May-2020 01:31

I started with the but I need some more help on it....gridview is bind to ODS I need to know how to update rows . Find Control() where I dont have to bother with childcontrols like Rows, Cells etc..

How to use datakey property and what datsource to use for update. However the documentation on Find Control() doesn't mention anything about recursivity.

hi, what control would u be using to select the multiple rows? Most of the controls when put into a templated controls like gridview,formsview etc get an attribute called command argument,which could be bound to that particular row& later u could use Grid View1. i would be in a position to paste the code here if u let me know the control u intend to use for the selection. I did it once using a hidden gridview with only the checkbox and the id and updated it every page change.

I've tried the method you mentioned, but for Grid View1. I am thinking, perhaps I can check when the user clicks on the checkbox. I guess it's javascript I'm looking for to recognize the ctrl and shift key presses on the mousedown event.

I was able to do this using object data source methods but I want same thing in STD. Please help me I am bangging my head since from last 3days and not getting any result....

Execute Update(IDictionary keys, IDictionary values, IDictionary old Values) at System. So i add a button outside the Grid View and in the handler i call the Update Row method manually for each row. While in regular use, we simple call the update command who does the work, in Item Template there are now update button.Checked Then Dim hf As Hidden Field = Direct Cast(gv Row.I have the need to allow a user to "tab through" making edits on a gridview. The user should be able to hit tab and go to the next row to edit said column.

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I understan what you mean to say but what I am looking for is a good exaple or help with some code that will help me understand better. what we've discussed before just mean the usual way people do things, for example, we say ODS - Object Data Source, it indeed includes two part: the interface itself and the data oprating implementantions(DAL-Data Access Layer, BOL/BLL-Bussiness Object/Logic Layer, etc.).