Github gravatar not updating

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Github gravatar not updating

They can help other users connect with you on other platforms.To add links to other accounts: You can provide a custom status message for your user profile along with an emoji that describes it.Alternatively, you can follow this detailed procedure from the Git Lab Team Handbook which also covers the case where you have projects hosted with Git Lab Pages.Git Lab allows you to add links to certain other external accounts you might have, like Skype and Twitter.Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?Setting up Gravatars on your site is easy; you don't even need an account!We are fixing it so if you “refresh” a gravatar, when it nukes the old upload record it also updates the user record so it is aware of the change.The commit graph of Git Kraken sometimes contains identicons while some others contains the author's profile avatars for commits (I'm testing with Git Hub, but I don't think it's specific to this instance).

You can manage settings for the following account sections: Set the language to use for the Rocket. Enable or disable all desktop notifications, test desktop notifications and configure: Specify a comma separated list of words or phrases to trigger notifications for when mentioned by anyone in public or private channels you are a member of.Each Git Lab account has a user profile, and settings.Your profile contains information about you, and your Git Lab activity.Configure audio notifications used for the following events: If your email has been verified by the Rocket. You can also ask to another email verification email to be sent to you from here. Chat server by clicking on one of the images beside your current avatar.To upload a new avatar select the box with an arrow pointing up.

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Enable or disable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your account on a Rocket. When you enable Two Factor Authentication you will be required to get a key code from an app on your phone, thus increasing the security when logging in, as seen that your phone will be required to start a session on the selected Rocket.

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