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Now that I’m in one place for a while, I can start doing that. This past weekend I had planned a date with a guy I met over Tinder–your stereotypical Hot Fireman. I started talking to him a few weeks back, around the end of August.We didn’t talk a lot, but he seemed really nice and really respectful. There are plenty of fish in the sea, sure, but sometimes you run into some of those really weird, deep sea, trench-dwelling fishies.In short, I think I’m in the process of writing this guy off before I even meet him.There is a non-insignificant part of me that wants to call this date off, as I’ve called many off in the past few weeks. The most recent guy I dated (before he finished his semester abroad and returned to his home country) was a guy from OKC who I was tentative about meeting.And something work writing about here: I’ve been in relationships that have fallen apart because one person or another feels like they’re not appreciated.

The people behind the book, naturally, sell it as way to understand and improve your relationships. But hear me out–the idea of love languages may be something worth thinking about, and definitely something worth talking about.

Or at least a story that indicated how “crazy” we could get later on. It’s high hopes for Tinder matches, I know, but I’m not desperate. I thought I’d give him a chance, though, and responded “Well, I’m a political science Ph. student, so if I’m feeling particularly crazy, I run regressions without checking the distribution of the variables.” He responded: “Wow ;-)” Kissy-face emoticon “I was thinking more wild, though.” I said, “Yeah, I got that.” He responded with a “Lol hahahah” and a speak-no-evil monkey emoticon. I’m a little nervous, but not for the right reasons. Instead, it’s a nauseated feeling—much closer to dread than it is to excitement. Well, there are a few things I know about this guy that I’m worried about.

A couple little things I’m not attracted to, and a couple personality quirks that I’m nervous will be more abrasive and off-putting in person.

You need to talk about things–how you feel, what your partner does that makes you happy, and if or when you don’t feel appreciated.

Maybe taking this quiz will make that kind of conversation easier. I haven’t been around for a while, what with my vacation, the beginning of the semester, and Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend. I haven’t had luck with the internet and, since all of my usual wingladies are in relationships, I haven’t been going out to meet guys.

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After taking the quiz and really thinking about it, I am someone who shows affection through acts and gifts. Similarly, the best way for someone to show me he cares is through that they call “Acts of Service”–doing little things to show me he’s thinking of me.

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