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The intent was one and the same, whether the particular object in view was to promote enlistments, to procure representative recruits, to relieve drafted men, to succor the families of volunteers, to sustain the efficiency of the army, to care for the sick and wounded, to send aid to the distressed Unionist within the rebel lines, to feed the impoverished operative abroad, to build soldiers' rests, to endow orphan asylums, to give homes to living officers and erect monuments to dead ones.

This volume, in a word, is a digest — the materials for twenty such having been condensed into one — of the ways and means by which the American people, having been taxed to pay three thousand millions of dollars for the prosecution of a war — of their own accord, without tax or toll, collected and expended nearly seventy millions more. varied in their details, have, fundamentally, but one source, and treat of but one purpose.

If the public finds The Tribute Book a welcome ad- dition to the shelf or the table, if it discovers that the frame is not altogether unworthy of the canvas, if it sees any reason to rejoice that American designers and engravers upon wood, American paper-makers, American printers and binders have been enabled, in the exercise of their several arts and handicrafts, to bestow a fitting dress upon a peculiarly American theme, it will doubtless be glad to know whom to thank. George Jones, once of Vermont, now of New York, one of the proprietors of the New York Times, is the projector and patron of this work.

Without saying that the seventy millions' voluntary outlay will become seventy-one millions, if this enter- prise ends in disaster, we may hint that the responsibility is quite enough for one pair of shoulders, and that, large or small, it has been gallantly borne.




ILLUSTRATED CONCERT PROGRAMME PORTRAITS OF GOTTSCHALK AND BAEILI . Oek 242 244 245 249 256 Boubett & Hooper to Face 258 Davis . A GUNBOAT SUBSCRIPTION IN AID OF THE] CHRISTIAN COMMISSION . A book like this has not been produced without the asking of innumerable questions ; and those to whom they have been addressed, have, in no case, let them pass unheeded, though they had often, doubtless, many more pressing things to do than answering them. A grateful duty remains to the compiler — for compilation and annotation have been his principal labors — that of acknowledging the assistance received, without which not one page could have been prepared, nor one fact obtained. LADIES OF PHILADELPHIA WORKING FOR j "WASHINGTON'S ARMY .

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Unassisted, they could not have assumed the financial responsibility of an undertaking so serious PREFACE.

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