Fiction books on interracial dating

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Fiction books on interracial dating

Click Here To Buy Completely different from Heidi Durrow’s take on multiracialism, Danzy Senna’s Caucasia tells a story about two sisters, one who physically looks black, like their father, and one who physically looks white, like their mother. While Durrow’s tale makes you think about the importance of personal identity, Senna reminds you that the color of your skin still matters in a racialized society and has a seriously significant impact on your daily experience.

Click Here To Buy This suggestion comes straight from my own boyfriend, who says that it helped him understand that race doesn’t begin and end at the color of your skin, but is all sorts of tangled up in everything from history and politics to education, economics and even corporations.

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This is the book, he says, that broke his brain wide open and helped him to see just how complicated race is on a social scale, and so how insanely complicated it must be on a personal one.

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