Fear of intimacy in dating

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For example, perhaps you grew up in a household where affairs, separations or other unpredictable events gave you the message that isn’t safe to get close to someone.Alternatively, it may be the case that lots of smaller things set the tone for your current view of intimacy.Like many people, perhaps you’re interested in using the Law of Attraction to find the love you’ve always wanted.However, if you’ve given some thought to why you haven’t yet managed to manifest love, you may have realized that part of you is scared.In time, the new view will be what dictates your emotional responses.

You might start to push others away without even meaning to, or your fear of intimacy might stop you from vibrating on the right frequency to attract people.This can leave you feeling miserable, stuck in a lonely life that doesn’t satisfy you.Thankfully, you don’t have to stay stuck in this way.There are methods of dealing with your anxieties, and of letting people into your heart in a safe, rewarding way.This guide will look at how to finally overcome intimacy issues and find the soul mate you deserve.

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The more signs you recognize, the more likely you are to be struggling with this issue: As you can likely imagine, there is no one fear of intimacy treatment that suits everyone.

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