Ethical issues with counselors dating clients

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Ethical issues with counselors dating clients

Too, while liaising with support people in the client’s life may be useful for counsellors of clients without disabilities, it is essential for those working with disabled ones.Family and friends who are in daily contact with the person are in a position to observe changes in the person’s behaviour and well-being.The palpable sense of grief and loss can occur simply when the person comes into awareness that they are “different” from others.They may feel anxious and depressed that they cannot communicate or understand things in the way that “normal” people do.The suggestion is that counsellors should allow double the time they normally would for the total duration of the therapy (Brown & Hooper, 2009).

The indicators which identify whether a person is experiencing depression or other mental health issues are similar to those for the non-disabled population: People with intellectual disabilities are not different from those without disabilities in needing reassurance and normalisation; a key step in support is to help them understand that such reactions are normal to experience and that they are having them because they have been traumatised, not because they cannot cope (WWILD, 2102).They don’t even consider for a moment that you might be reacting to their judgment of you.For people with intellectual disability, the situation may be similar.The therapist, then, must collaborate with such support people, allowing carers to come to sessions and facilitating them to develop the skills required to help create and support change in the client.Also, such training can help carers, whether paid or family members, to develop the attitudes which allow change to occur (Hayes, 2007).

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They can include: Most mental health helpers avow the importance of allowing the client the time needed to feel comfortable in session, build safety and rapport, come to grips with the problem, and work out appropriate therapeutic goals.

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