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“It’s like a clown car in there,” Cameron said in a video statement.“You barely have room to get in, and then they hand you another 50 pounds (23 kilograms) of equipment.” Because of the extreme depth of Challenger Deep, it is cloaked in perpetual darkness and surrounded with near-freezing waters.On the sea floor, Cameron’s sub will experience water pressures approaching 16,000 pounds per square inch (11,250,000 kilograms per square meter).Cameron is not alone in seeking to beat the diving record.Cameron acknowledged some concerns ahead of his journey.“When you’re making a movie, everybody’s read the script and they know what’s going to happen next,” said Cameron.

The Calcasieu River cradles our facility amidst peaceful marsh and swampland, just 18 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico.

Together, these companies represent extensive LNG market and shipping experience.

Cameron LNG continuously strives to provide safe, efficient and cost effective natural gas liquefaction and regasification services.

The Deepsea Challenger, which can sink upright, is 26 feet (eight meters) tall and took eight years to build.

It uses specially designed foam to allow the new sub to weigh just 12 tonnes, about 12 times lighter than Trieste.

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(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, file) WASHINGTON—”Titanic” director James Cameron will try in the coming weeks to dive to the deepest place on Earth, further than any other human has on a solo mission, to return with specimens and images.