Dating what does he think

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Thnx for the advice, I’m bn wondering what I was doing wrong..I am in a relationship ,my boyfriend works I dnt but I want him to text,call communicate almost everyday and he sometimes just dnt text back or call back,so I’ll feel lyk he is ignoring me Had an amazing few months.said the I love you daily many times…we were sync like we had been together all our lives…in place .out we had to.touch one another ever in hand holding.told his family I was what he always wanted.out for drinks one eve.home ..talking in bed…suddenly he said I was with holding love making and he left very angry…would not talk nothing .right down.a text came after days of me letting him know I did not intentionally with hold being with him in sex.won’t talk now .a small 3word text .he hasn’t felt as hoped…but I am no kid here .man acts as he was with me so intensely in love and ghosts …what can I do to make him see ..understand .been A week ..i care greatly for this person..soulmate connection was strongly felt here he agreed…help!

I can tell you from a guy’s perspective that when a woman says things like: “Why didn’t you call? Those kinds of statements will immediately put a guy on the defensive rather than motivating him to change and he’ll probably withdraw emotionally as a result… I would say the core reason of this is that it attacks a guy’s sense of freedom and feeling of acknowledgment. Well, when a woman starts down this chain of “Why didn’t you…” it feels to a guy as if she isn’t noticing all of the other things he is doing for a relationship. It’s perfectly normal and healthy to want a relationship with all the good qualities: connection, chemistry, understanding, intimacy, attentiveness and on and on.Put simply, a needy person doesn’t feel good inside and then saddles the other person with the responsibility to make them feel better… whoops, “my battery died, sorry I didn’t call you back last night.” Nobody’s perfect. When you boil it all down, neediness is not some set of behaviors. When a person takes on the belief that another person is responsible for their happiness, their sense of well-being and their sense of self-esteem, then it’s guaranteed that they’re going to act needy as a result of that mindset.(FYI, we have a whole chapter on this in our new book “He’s Not That Complicated: How to Crack a Man’s Romantic Code to Get the Relationship You Want“) Even the kindest, most well-meaning, most empathetic guy won’t be able to satisfy a woman who acts needy the majority of the time. I would be pretty surprised if you never had a needy guy around you. Making someone else responsible for your emotions is a key ingredient in creating a toxic relationship type dynamic, so it’s very important to guard against doing that (as well as recognize when others are doing that towards you).He also had a fit when I went to do something when he was “sick” but well enough to heat up dinner himself. This was after I served him two other meals and tea several times during the day.I feel he is acting overly needy and depends on me to care for him like a mom. When I tried to discuss the issue, he accused me of being away for 4 hours when it was 2.5, i have location data proof, and he accused me of abandoning him when he was “sick.” I don’t know what to do next. Is it just me or do the guys who still believe in the old school gender roles seem exceptionally needy and want a mommy to tend to their laziness instead of a partner who sleeps with them?

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Sometimes the choice is to not participate or go along with something that in this case you had gone along with.