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Dating telegramm com

“صبح ساعت ۶ انلاین شو تا روباته رو امتحان کنیم” Google Translation: “ Looking further into the ‘vahidmail67’ Telegram channel, we found advertisements for applications and builders that ran the entire gamut – from applications that get you likes and followers on Instagram, to ransomware, and even the source code for an unnamed RAT (complete with a video tutorial, shown below).

Further investigating, we witnessed several third-party Android application stores distributing seemingly legitimate applications like “Telegram Finder”, which supposedly helps users locate and communicate with other uses with specific interests, like knitting.The RAT announces its successful installation to the attackers by sending a message to a Telegram bot via the Telegram Bot API with the current date and time.More interestingly, it starts a service that listens for changes made to the Clipboard in the background.The stolen data is uploaded to third party servers, several of which employ a webhosting service.Fortunately for us, these servers had several OPSEC fails. While sifting through IRRAT samples, using Auto Focus, we came across another family of Android RATs seemingly originating from and/or targeting individuals in Iran that not only makes use of the Telegram API for C2 but also for exfiltrating stolen information.

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There appears to be a total identified victim count of 2,293 at the time of writing, based on the infrastructure we analysed.